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April 14, 2016

Serious VR: Filmmaking in VR for the Simulations Industry.

Serious VR: – Cinematic VR for the Simulations and Training Industry:

VR has always been the domain of well funded private and govt. organizations, and the military. However, now that it is within reach of storytellers, at RealVision, we find the first person POV that training simulations are based on, makes for a perfect vehicle to craft engaging user experiences.

We call it Serious VR!

Hybrid VR Cinematography for compelling Simulations:

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January 6, 2016

Breaking the fourth wall in Cinematic VR

“Did you think I’d forgotten you? Perhaps you hoped I had….Welcome back”

That’s how Frank Underwood, a.k.a Kevin Spacey, ends the first episode of Season 2 of House of Cards and there’s an actual sigh of relief from audiences! You see, F.U. has been talking to you (me) ever since Season 1 of this hit ‘made for Netflix’ series, and we somewhat feel left out when the entire episode goes by, with him ignoring us. And this… is still a regular TV show.

Imagine how devastating it would be, if this were a made-for-NetflixVR show. Yes, Netflix VR is a thing! We (I) would certainly take it personally if he sidelined [...]

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November 14, 2015

Saudade in Virtual Reality

You look at the window, and your eyes track a rivulet of rain water making its way down the window pane. Outside, the sky is overcast and the rumble of thunder, distant yet distinct, triggers neurons to fire in the recesses of your brain.

You sit on your couch… alone, your hand reflexively caresses the cup of hot chocolate, the warmth of the cup sending another trigger, activating memories that are slowly fading…

Memories of how the two of you used to sit at home on days like these, the scent of her hair mingling with the scent of the wet earth outside, making you take a deep breath. Yet, she is not here and this is not the same window or the same [...]

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October 6, 2015

Is Cinematic VR really Virtual Reality?

Above, is the by-the-book definition of Virtual Reality.

Thus, by default, VR is associated with a polygon rendered world, that inserts the audience or participant in and gives them tools to interact with this world. One camp of VR professionals believe this leaves no scope for mere ‘spherical video’ whether 4k or 8k or however ‘realistic’ to be called VR, even if said video is a faithful recording and visual representation of the real world or an imaginary one. Even if displayed using the same display device that polygon based VR worlds use (HMD or Wraparound projection screen or C.A.V.E)

After all –  these professionals argue [...]

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July 25, 2015

Depth Ramping in Cinematic VR production

Bring out a pair of those old red-cyan anaglyph glasses and take a look at the image above. Next, follow it up by looking at the image below:

Depth Ramps in Stereoscopic VR production:

The images are the start and end frames of a “Depth Ramp”. In conventional stereoscopic 3D film production, a Stereographer works first with the Director and Cinematographer to plot out the depth-script of how events (shots/scenes) will flow as the narrative progresses along.

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