3d@Home - 3D movie experience at home

3d@Home – 3D movie experience at home

3D@Home or, The 3D Home Theater Experience

There is no doubt that the 3D movie experience is about to invade homes. It was inevitable.

Just a couple of years ago, big name Hollywood Directors and producers were telling Cinema owners how 3D would save Cinema. Their contention was that the home theater could not give the same 3D experience as a Cinema could, and that 3D movies were “un-piratable”¬†. This made every one in the Cinema business smile again. After all cinemas were on the verge of closing down, due to the infiltration of home theaters and Flat panel LCD TVs and Plasma TVs prices coming down.

Now it is time for Cinemas to worry again. It seems that there is renewed competition in the form of 3D Blue-ray, high definition 3D LCD TVs and 3D Plasma TVS from manufacturers such as Sony with the 3D Bravia range as well as Panasonic 3D TVs, the new Mitsibushi XD600U 3D Projector and many more. When coupled with a surround sound system – This will be the future of home entertainment. A complete audio-visual surround treat for audiences right from the comfort of their lazy-boy armchair or for those who want more, for the ultimate experience, there is the D-BOX motion couches. 4D home cinema.

3D DLP Projectors versus 3D Televisions – bigger is better!


3d-at-home size matters!

3d-at-home size matters!

If the 3D image above is displayed on a 3D home cinema screen of about 2 meters width, it is convincing enough to believe that the scene is an extension of a living room! On a 3D flat panel display of even 60 inches, it is much harder to give a fulfilling sense of  immersion for the senses.

At Real Vision Consultancy, all our bets are on 3D DLP projectors as the best way to future proof an investment in a 3D Home Theater. 3D – or Stereoscopic 3D as the real term is known, is a powerful “optical illusion” in a way that is very capable of fooling the brain. In fact that’s what it does and that’s why it captivates audiences in a way that normal 2D visuals cannot. It’s the reason that a person ‘flinches’ or tries to get out of the way of flying objects that come out of screen in a 3D movie. When used properly, stereoscopic 3D can also display a picturesque landscape or a room, such that it can draw an audience into the depth of the scene.

When experiencing such an illusion, the brain delights in this un-real world because of one thing – Scale!

The screen in a Cinema multiplex is like a virtual window into another world, and a very convincingly sized window it is too. Imax 3D screens are a whole different experience altogether! Compare that experience to a 42 inch or 60 inch LCD flat panel or Plasma screen and you can see why the 3D effect will be to say the least Рnot optimal.

This is where 3D DLP projectors will fill the gap. The advantages are far more than any dis-advantages.

  • 3D DLP projectors can have a screen size from 42 inches (if needed) to 3 meters in width and more depending on the projector specifications and lumen output
  • We recommend a 3D viewing surface of at least 100 inches to get a feeling of “immersion” to make 3D@Home a satisfactory experience
  • 3D DLP link glasses for the 3D Dlp projectors do not need the infra-red (IR) emitters for 3D shutter glasses.

So where this leave smaller 3D capable displays? (There are, and will be 100 inch 3D capable LCD and Plasma TVs and these would thus be good)

People are very versatile at adapting to anything from a cell phone sized display to a cinema screen when viewing content. This content has so far been in 2D. Will we adapt well to 3D on smaller screens? Yes.

That is not the point of debate here. The main point is that stereoscopic 3D content is best enjoyed on a large screen display. We have to think of the screen as a window or portal into another world, and stereoscopic 3D visuals do a convincing job of that on the brain, but if the ‘window’ is small, the sense of immersion is lost and so bigger is better when it comes to a 3D@home experience!

  • kanikab

    Can we rent a 3D Projector from Dubai?

  • totally agree :) bring on the 3d blu ray with a 3d projector and silly glasses.

  • totally agree :) bring on the 3d blu ray with a 3d projector and silly glasses.