Virtual Cinematography: Was The Matrix under-rated and Avatar over-rated?

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There’s no denying it, Avatar the movie has caused a revolution not only in film making, but has affected other spheres of life as well, almost to the point of it becoming an inspiration and a way of life for some. The strong emotional bond that it created with audiences can also be attributed in a way to the immersion that only Stereoscopic 3D movies can, as in people’s opinion the story line was not something so unique, so it could be the 3D effect that created the bond.

There was a similar phenomenon that happened a few years ago with another movie that reached cult status and inspired a whole legion of followers to the very futurist ideas and thinking it provoked in those who understood the deep meaning that the movie presented.  – The Matrix. In fact the storyline behind the Matrix was complex and thought provoking enough to actually warrant more than a few repeat viewings, and unlike Avatar, for which repeat viewings are for the exquisite CGI eye-candy presented in stereoscopic 3D, The Matrix was a 2D movie and the reasons for going back to watch it was almost always because people went back home and had that question in their heads “what is the Matrix”.

The reason to compare the two movies in this article however is not for philosophical reasons, but because …

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