Masterclasses in Stereo 3D (Dubai, Singapore and India)

Masterclass in Stereo 3D (Dubai, Singapore and India)

Keynote Speaker Topics – Stereo 3D and Augmented Reality:

Visual Communication is rapidly gaining importance in the learning environment. Thanks to the instant visual feedback that today’s generation of professionals, students and general audiences demand.

With today’s short attention spans in audiences and the need to address a broader spectrum of an audience while also keeping the interest of professionals present at a seminar or workshop. Real Vision Consultancy keeps all these variables in mind when tailoring a talk or presentation on the subjects of Stereoscopic 3D orTechnology in Education.

We have been invited to speak at Stereoscopic 3D related events, trade shows and seminars globally, and address a multi cultural audience. Some noteworthy engagements:

  • Egg Story Digital Arts School – Stereoscopic 3D Seminar Singapore ( Featured Speakers from Weta Digital, Disney and Image Movers)
  • PALME 2010 Seminar Dubai- Seminar, Panel Meet & Trade Show for A/V integrators. (Real Vision held an awareness and motivational talk on use of Stereo 3D at live Events and 3d @ home)
  • Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore – Free two week workshop and masterclass for Students and Professors at the School of Interactive Design and Media.
  • Scrabble 3D Digital Cinema Initiative – Panelist and Presenter “Think in 3D” for Bollywood (Indian Film Industry) Directors, and Cinema Professionals. Overview of presentation is online.

The current focus is Asia, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, where expertise in stereoscopic 3D is lagging behind and there is much scope for damage to stereoscopic 3D to be done by fly-by-night commercial operations taking advantage in these regions. Imagine the potential for disaster if Bollywood gets 3d wrong!

Offering free workshops and awareness classes is one way that Real Vision Consultancy builds good will in the industry, with no requirement for instant ROI. One other noteworthy organization that has embarked on such an initiative to save 3D, is SONY Pictures with it’s free 3D classes in Hollywood for Cinematographers and DPs.

Masterclass in Stereoscopic 3D:

Real Vision Consultancy undertakes workshops and masterclasses in stereoscopic 3D workflows. The appeal of these workshops is that they use a different approach. For instance, most masterclasses on a subject or topic start by diving straight into a piece of Hardware or Software that is applicable to the class being conducted.

Our approach is – Invite participants to “Think in 3D”. This is much appreciated by the diverse strata of audiences that attend a workshop or seminar. As examples:

Stereo 3D for  Students of Film and Animation: We don’t launch directly into tools such as Maya or the Nuke and Abobe After-effects. At all times, participants are encouraged to think and explore outside their area of intended expertise; a 3D modelling rigger is invited to learn more about a director’s approach to the 3D treatment in a given script. This allows them to avoid shortcuts or indeed, use short-cuts when applicable.

Stereo 3D for Indie Movie makers and Directors: The workshop does not only show how to assemble a Previs or Production ready 3D Camera rig, but emphasizes that Directors and DPs ‘unlearn’ much of what has been learned in conventional film school, with regards to subjects such as depth of field, camera framing techniques, etc. The need for “thinking in 3D” is emphasized right from the beginning, so that 3D as an after thought is never encountered in upcoming 3D movie productions.

Besides these two obvious audiences for a masterclass in stereoscopic 3D, we have also created interest in other segments of industries, such as Ad agency professionals, Archeology, Medical and Engineering students… anywhere where Stereoscopic 3D visualization is applicable and can now be implemented because of cost of technology becoming affordable.

Keynote Speaker on Augmented Reality: In addition to the Stereoscopic 3D, many of the articles on the Real Vision Knowledge base offer forward thinking ideas that form the seeds for experiences in Augmented Reality. The knowledbase is frequented by both experts in AR as well as Digital Advertising agencies looking for fresh ideas for brand building experiences.

Keynote Speaking, Education and Evangelizing Stereo 3D

Keynote Speaking, Education and Evangelizing Stereo 3D

About the Speaker:

Clyde DeSouza is Technology Advisor, Real Vision Consultancy, a ‘creative technology’ firm that powers the ideas of Marketing and Advertising agencies to create Experiential Marketing campaigns. He also helps not-for-profits in the Cultural and Educational sectors, with knowledge and expertise in using Technology. Prior to his current venture, he has worked and assisted some well known organizations involved in Broadcast, and Stereoscopic 3D hardware and software systems.

His love for technology started early, with a computer called the Amiga, which led to experiences in visual communications, including performing guest VJ spots at events & nightclubs (some in Stereoscopic 3D). This led to tours with Red Bull and Bacardi. Besides the fun side of his work, he also offers un-biased opinions and is often called in by companies as a consultant to drill down supplier quotations, checking for inflated costings of products or services, and recommending an appropriate solution.

Raised in different parts of the world, he is at ease in a multicultural society and loves interacting with people of diverse backgrounds, believing that holding on to tradition is over-rated and a border-less, technology driven world is the future.

Presently residing in Dubai, he frequently shifts base around the world as projects deem necessary. Some noteworthy projects include, outdoor experience zones for Samsung’s Fun club in the UAE, a multi-sensory “Experience Zone” Real-estate Sales and Marketing Center for an upcoming City in India, and software beta testing for Philips 3D in Holland. His most recent projects include speaking at seminars and conducting workshops in Stereoscopic 3D awareness in Dubai, and at Polytechnics and Universities in Singapore.