The 6 job functions of a good Stereographer in modern 3D movies.

Stereography is not about the Equipment

Stereography is not about the Equipment

What ‘makes’ a Good Stereographer?

Stereographer, is a new term cropping up in Movie making, thanks to the current revival of 3D movies. However stereography, (in context to 3D Movies) has been around since a long time, and came and went in waves during the past millennium.

There are some veteran stereographers still actively practicing the art, and most started off as Stereo Photographers where they honed their skills without the assistance of “video assist” and instant feedback that we are accustomed to with modern Digital Movie Cameras or DSLR technology.

These stereographers perfected their art and skillset by “Thinking in 3D”. With no means of instant error correction, they only saw their results when the film negative was developed. This helped them develop a sort of 6th sense when framing and creating the perfect 3D picture. Many things had to be taken into account; aligning a camera rig, mental or real calculations and markings for camera and subject placement and things such as stereo window violation and vergence, came naturally to this breed of stereographers over due course of experience. You could say they were breathing, living and Thinking in 3D.

Beware: The Nouveau Stereographer.

Digital innovations in the past decade or even as recent as the past couple of years, have been both a blessing and the bane of the 3D renaissance movement.

It has helped give us true pioneering stereographers and storytellers with presentations such as the much acclaimed Avatar, and yet has opened up the opportunity for the self imposed title of “Stereographer” to anyone who knows how to operate a camera.

Modern digital cameras and tools allow for the creation of near instant visual feedback. This is amazing and nothing short of a miracle to dedicated Stereographers who had learnt one important trait: To first Think in 3D!

These same tools can be disastrous in the hands of the nouveau self proclaimed stereographer, who in all probability is a DP, or Director now cashing in on the 3D movie craze. The new breed of stereographer unfortunately sees 3D as just another tool in their toolkit for movie making. Just as a graduated filter gives a nice warm sky effect or a polarizing filter helps cut down reflection, to them, 3D is shooting with an extra camera or a nice BIG 3D rig.

Confusing Stereography with Stereographic Delivery Platform:

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