Upcoming 3D Masterclass in Stereo3D production; December at SMA, Singapore:

Real Vision will be conducting an intensive 3 day Masterclass in stereoscopic 3D production at the Singapore Media Academy from December 6th – 8th this year. The workshop is supported by the Media Development Authority of Singapore and will take place during the upcoming Asia Television Forum (ATF).

Details and Registration for the workshop can be found online at the SMA website

The Intended Audiences:

  • Who is this for? – Independent Movie makers, DPs and Directors looking at “thinking in 3D”  : Why?
  • Advertising Agencies’ Creative Heads and Art Department professionals : Why?
  • Systems Integrators for Broadcast TV and Producers of Live Event capture in 3D :Why?
  • Animation students and professionals exploring stereoscopic 3D CGI : Why?

Overview of the Workshop:

  • Primary importance will be on the discipline of “thinking in 3D” when approaching a project viz. Feature Film, Live Event, Animation or Experiential Marketing / Advertising
  • This is not a DP specific workshop on how to assemble a 3D rig and shoot with it. The workshop and masterclass aims to make attendees think like true “Stereographers”
  • Hardware demos include setup of side by side 3D rig, Framing a 3D scene both for Live action, and CGI
  • Setting Convergence, the pros and cons of shooting in a certain style
  • Considerations for shooting live action for Hybrid Cinematography (CGI mixed with Live action)
  • Software demos and their usefulness to Independent Film makers, Animators and Advertising professionals alike. Yes Nuke, Cineform, Frameforge and more.. is needed for all these professionals.

The Aim:

The aim of this intensive 3 day workshop is to make creative and visual communications professionals such as DPs, Directors, AD agency Creative Heads, Post production and VFX artists and Editors all “think” and speak the same language when working on a stereoscopic 3D project or production.

Click the “why” example links above to learn… why.

Seats are limited to 12 only! So register today