Stereoscopic 3D Simulators – alternative reality

Alternative Reality, and 3D TV:

If there’s any doubt about the psychological impact that a Stereoscopic 3D sceneĀ is capable of on people’s minds, look no further than the military. Why does the military spend millions on state of the art Stereoscopic 3D visualization and display systems? The answer is simple – A Simulation of a real life scenario is the next best thing to actually being there.

The image above is not about training soldiers to kill more effectively, it is CAREN, a system built to help soldiers deal with PTSD, and other associated mental and psychological battle scars, and yes the visuals are in stereoscopic 3D.

Not too long ago, we came back from a 3D feature film, about life on an alien planet, and could’nt but help feel that we actually had visited a fantastic planet with it’s beautiful jungles and natives. There are reports that the movie even spawned an AvatarĀ cult following and provoked thought in many people about climate change, environment protection and senseless destruction of life and the planet. If such powerful emotions could be evoked for life on an alien planet… what about closer to home?

The News in 3D… Will it affect us?

There is recent debate on the future of 3DTV, with many questions being asked on whether or not 3DTV will be doomed to failure before it even takes off. The reasoning being lack of compelling content to drive the 3DTV at Home initiatives. At Real Vision, we would argue that the news, if presented in 3D just may fill this content gap, but more importantly just may:

  • Galvanize us into action? As passive consumers of the news, we have quickly become desensitized to human suffering, but just as soldiers are using Stereoscopic Visuals in systems such as CAREN, maybe the realism of stereoscopic 3D news reporting will move us into positive action against the plague of war?
  • Or make us push that Donate button on the telephone, when seeing the suffering of earthquake or famine victims?

Stereo 3D sports news, evokes passion

The news in 3D does not have to be about suffering alone, Sports news, the red carpet at the Oscars and other feel good moments can also relieve stress from a hectic day at work, for people who come home, and tune in to their 3DTV news channel.

Recent Sporting events such as the FIFA worldcup brought the realism of having goal side seats and perimeter like first hand realism when viewed by audiences in 3D at Cinemas in many countries. This was also true for those fortunate enough to have 3DTVs and a cable subscription during the live 3D telecast.

In our opinion there is a future for 3DTV… with the news in 3D being one prime motivator and content generator, even perhaps providing us with a glimpse to an alternative reality that exists in the world outside our living rooms.