Technicolor’s Guide to 3D for Film, TV and Everything In-Between:

If you were one of the lucky few to visit Technicolor’s presence at the recent NAB, you may have had the privilege of owning this book, or more precisely the Dictionary on 3D, with details and explanations of standard, and newly coined terms that is now defining the language and grammar of stereoscopic 3D.

The author Richard Kroon of Hollywords LLC, has painstakingly put together this Bible on 3D, making it a valuable resource on every Stereographer or 3D movie makers work desk.

Real Vision’s contributions in the 3D Dictionary:

Terms such as Circle of Isolation and Depth Warping have been listed in the dictionary, and the author has taken great care in interpreting and explaining the terms in a concise manner.

For those who do not yet own the Technicolor Guide to 3D, it may be worth buying it from peers who do own a copy, or waiting for the extended version that the author is about to release that will contain approximately 100 more pages of stereoscopic words, terms and industry insider phrases.