(image Credit: Pirates of the Carribean IV. click for larger 3D image)

Establishing Scene Geography and using “Dwell time”.

Are there any memorable scenes that we can recall with photographic clarity from the slew of 3D movies currently playing in Cinemas, without us having to try too hard? Chances are, no, not really. There is hardly a difference it seems between watching a 3D movie versus the same in 2D.

Why is that? There can be a few reasons, and we will not rehash the old 2D to 3D conversion argument in this article, but let’s look at one reason that today’s 3D movies are not as “immersive” as they could be. ┬áThat reason has something to do with the fact that Directors and Cinematographers accustomed to traditional 2D storytelling and scene building are not familiar with one secret ingredient that contributes to compelling 3D movies… “Dwell Time”.

The image above is a still grab (in 3D) from the fabulous Mermaid Sequence in the movie Pirates of the Carribean – On Stranger Tides. The key to unlocking and studying the effect that Stereoscopic 3D can have in movie making is to see this movie in 3D and then a few days later watch the 2D version of it, both on a big screen.

There is bound to be an undeniable feeling of Deja Vu…. an uncanny feeling of having …

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