3D Movie Supervisory Services from Real Vision:

With more media being produced in Stereoscopic 3D today, than ever before, there is a big demand for Stereoscopic Quality Control for these productions. Everything from 30 second AD films, to animation and Feature Films are now in Stereoscopic 3D.

But as we know, producing good S3D content is not a matter of owning the latest fail safe 3D rig, or having 3D signal analysis gear on-location. While technology is a major player in the “creative” process of 3D film making, years of experience in the medium allows us at Real Vision, to quickly flag S3D errors on-location and in post.

As 2D production studios and professionals graduate from 2D HD shooting to producing in S3D, not everyone one of these professionals has come up to speed, nor is it expected that they would come up to speed in the short 2 years that S3D media production has exploded.

Real Vision’s Stereoscopic Supervisory Services:

  • For ¬†Stereoscopic 3D AD Films: Touring the sets with client and providing advisory/auditing service on the depth budget, flagging errors as they are about to occur. Thus saving the client and most importantly, THE BRAND from bad stereo 3D which could damage the reputation of the AD agency and the BRAND. Some examples of why this is a needed service: Example 1 , Example 2
  • For 2D to 3D Conversions of Movies: Conversions of legacy 2D content, and last minute decisions to convert a 2D movie to 3D for box office reasons are two examples of why 2D content is converted to 3D. However, this procedure is not without error. Real Vision can work with a production that is undergoing conversion, and check for a variety of errors, as listed below. Some movies that have been released in Hollywood for instance do show errors, which were spotted by us, such as Pseudo Stereo scenes. Case Example
  • Independent Second Opinion: For¬†Quality Conscious producers, a small fee brings them an independent second opinion, by hiring Real Vision to go through an S3D production, and perform a Stereo QC on the material. Over 10 years of experience in Stereoscopic 3D media (realtime S3D visualization, Live Event Stereo3D projections, and filming in 3D) enable us to catch out 3D anomalies that would otherwise go un-noticed. On a more macro level, on each scene, optimal use of the depth budget from a Story Telling and creative point of view is applied and communicated in the written report on a scene by scene basis.

Stereoscopic QC report:

When hired for a project as an independent Stereoscopic Adviser, Real Vision can be on-location with the client, or be handed “dailies” while the S3D film is under post-production to go through and flag for a multitude of errors that may have been overlooked by the post production team. While no one Stereographer is always right, and opinions are subjective (Stereoscopic 3D is also an art form), it is still better to have an independent experienced stereoscopic adviser look over material.

Some of the hightlights of a Stereo 3D report:

…and more.

Remote S3D QC service:

RealVision personnel do not need to be physically present at the site of the shoot or at the post production studio for Stereoscopic QC. Some of our clients have been serviced remotely over broadband. Here is an overview of our remote Stereo QC service:

  • Second Opinion and Recommendation: As the last step before sending off a finished S3D film for display or broadcast, some production houses send us the final cut to go through for a second opinion. This is the simplest and easiest way to be assure that the film has gone through S3D QC. The report sent back to the client is then either implemented (if there are any suggestions/errors) or if time and budget do not allow, at the very least the client is aware of any shortcomings and can ensure that these are not repeated in upcoming productions.
  • Key Frame depth setting for Animated 3D productions: We receive the storyboard and key frames of each scene and recommend and set depth budget for the shots.
  • 2D to 3D conversions: Set depth for keyframes in a scene, and suggest improvements
  • Remote Workstation Assist: Using our High Bandwidth connection based in the UAE, and solutions such as TeamViewer, and other PCoIP solutions, we can interact with artists on a workstation at the clients end, while the roto artist / editor sees and hears us explain a methodolgy, workflow or the reasoning behind a decision being taken or recommended on a shot. This is the next best thing to being physically present at the clients location.
  • FTP and Secure download: We have worked with Amazon’s Web Service or a client’s own studio solution to download and test for depth grading at our premises. Depth grading is done on a 3 meter projection screen for best scalability of finished content that will display well for Cinema and smaller screens.

The Real Vision knowledgebase is a free resource that aims to make 3D movie makers “Think in 3D”. It has already helped professionals not only in Hollywood, but also other film industry professionals as well as hardware and software manufactures.

Many Stereogaphers believe in keeping the art of good stereoscopic 3D a trade secret. We believe that knowledge needs to be free and by displaying it via the Real Vision knowledgebase we encourage independent 3D moviemakers and Stereographers to apply the best practices detailed in the articles, in their upcoming projects.

For Producers with a budget, and a need for a Quality Check, we offer our services. Contact RealVision for your next stereo 3D project.