Hugo: Deep Staging and Keyframing comes to 3D movies

Key Framing v/s Montage Cinematography in 3D:

Hugo the movie, is a case study in how stereoscopic 3D can and should be used as a new medium of visual storytelling. I finally got a chance to see the movie, here in Dubai a few weeks later than its release date.

I went in, knowing it was going to be a good experience, but bias aside, it did not let me down. It can be comfortably stated that the premium paid for a 3d movie is well justified only in Avatar, Hugo,  HTTYD, Tron and Pirates IV. (in that particular order).

Other 3D movies thus far has been experiments in Hollywood coming up to speed in 3D movie-making.

What was good about Hugo 3D? Undoubtedly it had to be the lovely long key-framing camera work in many scenes. Whether by accident or actual planning, CGI wizardy, motivated edits and cuts, and/or other means… This was one visually well done masterpiece of Stereoscopic 3D Cinematography.

What is Keyframe versus montage style Camera work?

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