Film Festivals are evolving for the better:

It is very encouraging to see Film Festivals in Asia and the MiddleEast evolve into mature collaborative environments for the film fraternity, rather than just hot-spots for Celebrity spotting. The previous trend at regional film festivals was to boast bagging rights to strut a big name Hollywood star on the red-carpet.

AbuDhabi Film Festival 2012, broke this mould by offering a series of workshops, free of cost, to regional film makers and students of media and film institutions.

I was invited to present a masterclass on Advanced 3D Film-making in the 21st Century.

Real Vision 3D Masterclasses – Not just Powerpoint lectures:

Masterclasses and workshops by Realvision are based on hands-on practical demonstrations of leading software and hardware. A masterclass devised by Real Vision is based on seeding ideas with tangible takeaways for the audience.

The Masterclass was received well by the International Press present.¬†Screen International’s review:¬†Abu Dhabi Film Festival; DeSouza brings 3D motion capture to the masses

Seed ideas that were presented in previous years are now making their way into actual products by leading Software manufacturers.

A non exhaustive list of topics and live demonstrations at the masterclass for the 2012 Film Festival included:

  • De-mystifying the science behind the “Avatar” Camera (the so-called “Simulcam”)
  • Studying the use of Emotion and tools to enhance Emotional Storytelling in CGI
  • Realtime Performance Capture solutions for indie film-makers
  • Stereoscopic 3D film-making
  • Emotion Engineering with Stereoscopic 3D.
  • Camera Motivation and 3D Volume Sculpting in Stereoscopic Cinematography.
  • Live demo Preview of technology that will drive the CineBox by Crytek.

An abridged PDF of the masterclass flow can be downloaded by clicking below: