Recently, I had the privilege of hosting and moderating a panel of industry experts on the topic of Identifying  Technology from Hype, at the ITP Broadcast Conference 2013. The panelists brought with them a diverse area of expertise and knowledge in the fields of IPTV, network setup, Content creation and Monetization options.

I had prepared a list of questions which were fielded by the panelists. Some questions could not be asked due to time constraints. Below is a sampler:

  • Are companies encouraging and rewarding Employees to innovate? If yes, name some schemes and case studies.
  • Targeted advertising: Is it being done in the region? Addressable advertising by location, demographic? Please expand on this with your experiences.
  • Is it possible that ISPs or Telcos compete with Traditional Broadcasters by creating a “last mile cache” of content giants such as Hulu, Netflix etc, to distribute it locally? In a similar vein, what will happen to broadcasters, if ISPs or Telcos invite Production studios to syndicate content directly? Are these scenarios real? plausible or no where close?
  • Hybrid TV: Should we be thinking beyond typical hybrid Tv and into areas such as  Trans-platform content? Is this just technology Hype or innovation? Will second-screen be used in GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council) countries effectively?
  • Second screen and Mobile TV: While we in the region debate the benefits and challenges of upgrading to HD, the first world had gone full circle and is now back to SD TV in a way (case in point, mobile device screen sizes) Funny as that may sound, should we be alarmed that we are playing “catch-up” to the West?
  • Are ISP and Telcos providing proper bandwidth? Who is guaranteeing last mile pipe smoothness to the end user? Will issues such as latency and the ISP’s proxy interfere with a Hybrid TV, OTT end user experience?

A PDF of my slides used during the panel can be downloaded by clicking the icon below. (size 5.4 mb)