So you think you know all there is to know about stereoscopic 3D film-making because you attended that two day workshop? That’s what runs through my mind when I meet a few of today’s stereographers and Cinematographers who hand me a business card from a freshly printed stack.

Now, it does not help in furthering the art of 3D if I’m going to be condescending. It would be of benefit to the industry as a whole and to the medium of stereoscopic 3D storytelling itself, if knowledge is made available to professionals who intend to take the medium of stereoscopic 3D seriously.

That’s where Dr. Barry G Blundell comes in. We are indeed fortunate to have someone who has taken pains to tabulate diverse yet relevant information into a book that is being offered for Free. Every one of the more that 350 pages worth of insight into the medium of stereoscopic 3D is worth reading. A brief glance at the table of contents below, shows this is no¬†exaggeration (click for larger image)

While I recommend the book as a must read for any stereographer or Stereomatographer who’s looking at the next level of mastering the art, there is no reason why it should not apply to other professionals involved in stereoscopic 3D technologies.

There is hard science in the book. For example: Is Gestalt’s theory of Visual Perception relevant to Stereoscopic 3D film-making? How about in the design of Virtua Reality solutions? What I got from that chapter and the followup pages may be completely different than what another fellow stereographer or 3D professional takes away by reading the same. The common motivation to reading this book should be that it will ground us all more firmly in understanding the ¬†science, art and evolution of Stereoscopic 3D and related technology such as VR and Autostereo.

The book can be downloaded directly from Dr. Barry’s website :here:

Dr. Barry has also given us permission to mirror the book on the RealVision Knowledgebase. Click on the PDF icons to download it in two parts (approx size of each is around 7.5 mb)

Click to download part 1 | Click to download part 2