Memories With Maya is a novella that explores what Augmented Intelligence will bring to the world, society and personal relationships in particular.

The story is a first person narrative from the POV of Dan, the protagonist. The plot is heavily grounded in Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and touches on the subjects of Transhumanism and Posthumans. As this is a fiction narrative, focus is on personal relationships in a rapidly evolving technology driven world.

Memories With Maya – Back Cover Blurb:

“It’s Complicated,” Daniel updates his relationship status on his social network.
He’s lost Maya, his girlfriend. Emotions after all are now shared online.
A man possessed, he’ll stop at nothing to get her back.

Through internal turmoil, questioning morals and examining religious beliefs, he finds a way.
Dan has to convince himself he’s not gone mad—that he’s done nothing sinful.
If he can live with Maya this way, he might pave an alternative path to Transhumanism.

Quotes from the Novel:


Stereoscopic 3D:

There are a couple of original ideas related to Stereoscopic 3D, though the novel does not go deeper into S3D.

  • The Wizer (Visor + augmented intelligence) that is worn by characters has stereoscopic depth mapping cameras capable of simultaneous video mapping.
  • Why don’t airlines provide 3D visors in Business Class for privacy– the main character muses.

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