Re-introducing a Master Stereoscopic 3D Consultant:

JR needs no introduction… but on second thought, maybe he does. For one primary reason: So that studios, Directors and producers know where to look, should they need a best of breed S3D consultant for their project. I would go as far as to state that some of today’s Hollywood tent-pole Stereographers and Consultants would benefit immensely, should they be fortunate enough to be graced by a visit from him on a film set.

Yet JR is so down to earth. I’ve had the pleasure of learning much of the art from him without ever meeting in person. Our meetings were and still are on the Yahoo 3DTV forums, where his considered and logical insights and sharing of nuggets of S3D wisdom, show that he would be a joy to work with.

Fanboy? – yes, and with good reason. I am lucky enough to have access to a document that showcases his contribution to the medium of Stereoscopic 3D. Rather than re-interpret, I’ll take the liberty of snipping out and highlighting a few of the pages from the complete PDF which is downloadable at the end of this article.

[Revolutionary Beamsplitter Rig Design:]

This unit can be used with nearly any still film, still digital, motion picture, or video camera in any format. The circular port accepts the reference camera lens. Full adjustments on the second camera mount allow separate and independent control for each stereoscopic function:

1) variable stereo base

2) variable convergence

[The rig] features dual adjustable camera mount platforms for independent convergence and stereo base control. Crank operated worm gear drive provides precision movement. Flock-lined cabinet for flare control and reflected image elimination. Triangle shape for maximum strength, light weight, and operator access. Hand grips on all sides for ease in portability.

(click for larger image)

Take a real journey into the history of Stereoscopic 3D production by downloading the entire : PDF : or click the icon below.

(approx 14 mb). My thanks to JR for making this valuable document available.

Hardware manufacturers can certainly benefit from the many innovations (Stereoscopic Focus lights, Total reflection beamsplitter rig…and more), when designing new products for today’s S3D market.