Unlocking the depth-channel:

The year 2013 ushered in 4K as the new buzz-word in visual displays and visual communication. But what of Stereoscopic 3D? Did it die yet again? – Far from it. What is not mentioned anymore is the fact that S3D has become a staple feature, and is a given.

S3D has reached ubiquitous status, much like internet connectivity in televisions (Smart-TV) has. There is a thriving eco-system in place as well, from 3D camcorders offering full HD per eye to cost effective 3D projectors. This scenario makes it perfect to segue S3D from Entertainment into an environment whose time has come – S3D in Education.

Where would a teacher or educational organization get non-biased guidance when venturing into S3D? – I would recommend Future – Talk 3D as a resource and idea-seeding destination, curated by Len Scrogan.

Len has been working to implement research-based technologies into teaching and learning, while focusing on higher order thinking strategies, agile teaching, visual teaching, and blended learning. His leadership has led to successful school-based projects in podcasting, clicker technologies, creative use of streaming media, and most recently, the innovative use of Stereosopic 3D in the classroom.

I look forward to maybe seeing Future – Talk 3D investigate Augmented Reality as a complementing educational technology to S3D soon.