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Think in 360” – A Masterclass in STORY TELLING IN VR:

The emphasis of the Cinematic VR Masterclass is to help Directors, Dps, Animators, Ad Agencies and Content producers to “THINK” in 360 when developing films and content to gear up for the new wave in how visual entertainment and content is being consumed – In Virtual Reality! This is a day long masterclass with hand picked topics from a longer 3 day Think in 360 workshop done for production studios who need consultation during on-going VR film projects.

We start with the basics of stereoscopic 3D, and go into much detail with hands-on practicals and demonstrations, interspersed with lectures and Question and Answer sessions.

Who is this masterclass for:

  • Independent Movie Makers, Directors and Dps looking at venturing into Cinematic VR filmmaking.

  • Animators, CG professionals.

  • AD Agency Creative Departments.

  • Broad-Cast TV executives.

  • Marketing and Social Media execs looking at leveraging VR for branded entertainment.

Real Vision has previously lent it’s expertise ranging from helping design and beta test software and hardware at PHILIP’S High Technology Campus Holland, to conducting in-depth workshops for Panasonic’s R&D Labs, Singapore and sessions at Sony MiddleEast. Real Vision had also set-up a Stereoscopic 3D Lab for the Govt. of Abudhabi, and conducted workshops at polytechnics and Media training institutions in Singapore.

Our first cinematic VR film, “Dirrogate” created in a graphic novel format, has been invited by Samsung to be showcased on their VR platform; MilkVR. It can be seen in the feature films section.

Some Highlights from the day-long “Think in 360” Masterclass:

  • History of Stereoscopic 3D – and an introduction to Cinematic Virtual Reality.

  • The difference between so-called 2D VR films, Stereoscopic 360, and interactive VR.

  • Old (!) and new 360 VR movies – we discuss the style, errors and techniques and how they’ve evolved over just the past couple of years.

Different types of Cinematic VR and Delivery Methods.

  • Youtube, Oculus Rift and Vive, Google Cardboard.

  • Mobile VR and tether free VR for public spaces.

  • Hybrid VR filmmaking – an introduction.

Thinking in 360 – Part 1

  • The need for thinking in 360 – How much of 2D film school is relevant as well as what is on it’s way out; Rack-focus, Depth of field – framing?.

  • What is a Stereographer? When does he/she come into the picture for Cinematic VR.

  • Depth Script? – That was for 3D movies, is it needed in VR filmmaking?

  • ….. (more topics covered with practical slot)

Thinking in 360 – Part 2

The Psychological Impact of a Cinematic VR movie:

  • Emotion Engineering with VR movies – ( VR the ultimate empathy machine? how and why – show and tell)

  • Camera and Scene blocking – OTS / Dirty Over, Head hopping in VR.

  • Exploring Mise en Scene – in VR.

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall in VR films.

Questions and Discussion.


Thinking in 360 – Part 3

Practical: – Indoor:

  • Shoot 360 Stills indoor while studying basics of 360 Camera placement.

  • First Person v/s Third Person POV in narrative VR.

  • “Do no harm” to the audience – Creating VR content that won’t induce nausea.

  • Use Software (adobe suite with Mettle Skybox).

  • Tricks in post production for VR content.

  • Output to HMD, Youtube 360 in stereoscopic 3D and for Samsung GearVR.

The 360 Camera Rig and Shooting 360 footage:

  • 2D 360 v/s stereoscopic 360 shooting – Advantages and Disadvantages.

  • The importance of Sync – Genlock why? And How.

  • Monitoring live 360 Footage – Learn about live 360 preview

  • Deep staging for Cinematic VR.

  • The problem of “scale

  • Stereoscopic VR in live sports – Learn what the industry is doing wrong and solutions to get it right.

….. (more topics covered with practicals)

Post Production for Virtual Reality:

  • Ingest of 2d and 3D 360 footage into popular Editing Systems – (Adobe)

  • Techniques to help mitigate or overcome Nausea – some of the sauce used in Dirrogate the stereoscopic VR film.

  • Bit rates and best encoding practices for Cinematic VR.

  • Checking for Frame Sync and color grading/timing left – right eye footage.

  • Depth-blending between shots and scenes.

  • Audio – Binaural, positional and ASMR – creating a potent mix for ‘immersion’

360 Hardware and Software tools for the Studio:

  • Current and upcoming professional systems overview: Cameras – Jump, Ozo, Samsung project Beyond – to- VR “finishing” solutions from Scratch to Adobe to Nuke.

  • Cost effective 360 post production: Adobe – Practical hands on slot.

VFX, Motion Graphics and Animation in VR:

  • Motion Graphics in Stereoscopic 360 – ( Videos and hands-on in After effects)

  • 3D Animation in Stereoscopic 360 – (Video/Hands-on workflow Cinema 4D and Octane)

  • Compositing in stereoscopic 360 – diving into Equirectangular space.

  • Question and Answer session on Animation, for professionals already using MAYA, After effects, NUKE.

Hybrid Cinematic VR production – The Game Engine.

  • Is Cinematic VR really VR? – The Debate.

  • Experiencing “DEEP VR”

  • Hands – on with Unity, a game engine for interactive VR production.

  • Cinematic VR storytelling in Realtime.

  • Virtual Set, if green screen available ….. (more topics covered with practicals)

Food for Thought: Beyond conventional Cinematic VR….

Discussion and Awareness:

  • Multi-threaded storytelling in Virtual Reality.

  • Immersive Journalism – a new platform.

  • Live 360 at Events, Sports – Learn what’s currently wrong and discuss solutions.

  • Hybrid VR film production – What is it? (with case study)

  • VR, AR, MR? Learn the difference with hands on practical examples at the Masterclass.

Catering to other 360 Markets: Advertising, Marketing, Educational:

  • Case Study – 360 for Tourism ( Experiential Marketing case study showcased)

  • Medical VR and Mixed Reality – Filmmaking and VR content beyond Hollywood.

  • Acute Shortage of talent in VR production. Learn more about Advanced VR Labs and RealVision’s work in Cinematic VR filmmaking.

What the “Think in 360” masterclass is NOT:

  • The masterclass is not a workshop on how to stitch footage from multicam 3D rigs. We highly recommend Kolor certified workshops for that, as well as youtube videos to get started.
  • It is not a workshop on how to put together Go-pro or other camera rigs. Though, there is a section devoted to current rigs we recommend and the ones we are skeptical of.

At the end of this day long masterclass, professionals attending will get a complete overview on, developing and creating Cinematic VR that makes an impact on audiences. This is as relevant to a film director, as it is to marketing and brand agencies. “Thinking in 360” is the need of the hour as we venture into immersive storytelling.


Above: Dirrogate A cinematic VR 360 film by RealVision, invited by Samsung and showcased on their VR platform.


Above: Clyde DeSouza hosting an international panel on VR filmmaking at the Dubai International Film festival 2015.
Below: Workshop at Panasonic’s R&D Labs, Singapore

Think in 3D Workshop At Panasonic R&D Labs Singapore


above: VR session at Google HQ Dubai, for Google’s partner agencies (JWT, BBDO) as part of Google MENA’s initiative.

More workshops and Masterclasses pictures are on the RealVision media gallery

  • Steven Cholerton

    Has this course happened yet? Is it open to anyone? How do I sign up?

    • Thanks for writing in, Steven.
      The masterclass is bespoke and usually geared toward production studios and agencies looking to upgrade in house skills and talent to tackle (and sometimes make sense of) Cinematic Vr and MR (mixed reality) films and experiences.

      The most recent masterclass was last week at a film festival in India ( ) and prior to that it was at Google MENA.

      Asia, India, Dubai and S.E. Asia are currently regions where Think in 3D /360 masterclasses have been held.
      I hope to take it westward, soon.
      Best Regards.

      • Steven Cholerton

        Thanks Clyde – I appreciate your reply. I’d still be interested in seeing where and when your next courses are, as I travel quite a bit internationally on behalf of the UK production company I’m working with (who work in VR), and I might be able to join in any event. Please let me know.
        Best wishes