Clyde DeSouza is frequently invited to speak on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Stereoscopic filmmaking.

His book Think in 3D, has been recommended as essential reading for Directors by Stereographers of blockbuster 3D films. His coining of new terminology in 3D has made it’s way into the 3D Encyclopedic Dictionary published by Technicolor.

Some noteworthy speaking engagements include:

  • International Film Festival of India (IFFI) –  via the “Think in 360” VR filmmaking Masterclass
  • Google (MENA)
  • ZEE Melt 2017 India
  • OTT Summit 2017 – India
  • Dubai Lynx Awards – 2017
  • The Asia Broadcast Forum – Singapore
  • Dubai Film Festival – Speaker and Moderator
  • Digital Levira – Estonia
  • Broadcast India – India
  • Abudhabi Film Festival
  • Govt of Abudhabi – Advanced Media Lab.
  • Sony MiddleEast
  • Singapore Media Academy – via the Media Development Authority of Singapore.

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