(Note: Videos are mildly NSFW. Those without VR headsets can choose the anaglyph option and use red-cyan glasses)

“The proof is in the pudding,” to quote a more palatable one, than the overused; “Content is King”.

After an earlier article I’d written: “Insta-ROI and Cinematic VR,” I got a few emails from producers asking to explain more. One of them has accepted there’s no free lunch, and so I’ve scored a consultation gig.

However, it’s nice to have free pudding, so have a look at the video above – A test scene from the planned “Dirrogate:DeepVR” film and then, see a re-framed version in the next video later on, below.

Reframing VR: For Cinema, OTT platforms, and Television:

The biggest concern and question by investors looking at jumping into Cinematic VR films is, will there be instant ROI?

Never-mind the fact that Imax, Dreamscape, Sony, Warner Music, Steven Spielberg, Nextflix, Hulu…. have already dived in. So how is instant ROI guaranteed?

VRDC: Virtual Reframing – Director’s Cut.

As can be seen above, extracting a “Director’s cut” by virtual reframing is possible.

Now, if your story / narrative is good, that is exactly what today’s bite-sized entertainment hungry, generation want!

VR, by the nature of the medium, calls for short form storytelling- at least until people get used to longer duration headset wearing.

There are practical benefits to all stakeholders – Bandwidth comes at a premium to both providers, and audiences. Besides, to the attention spans of the Snapchat generation, satisfaction is derived in the form of a daily “fix” of short format entertainment that’s downloaded (helps device storage space too)

Another reason audiences are evolving to consuming short-form entertainment, is that there’s real costs involved when streaming live content to their mobiles.

So there you have it – Cinematic VR films are legacy enabled and so have an Instant-ROI feature built in. There’s no reason to lag behind while Spielberg, Imax, Disney and others are already lined up, forking that pudding!