I’m going to let you in on a little secret that will either have you calling for an emergency brainstorming session if you’re the CEO of an OTT platform that’s under threat from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime… or if you’re a savvy investor, you’ll realize why the big three (Nflix, Hulu, Ama) are so invested in VR.

SOCIAL CINEMA in VR : How Hulu jumped the curve.

Take a look at the video above. You should. It’s less than 2 minutes long and holds a key part of the secret and how I’m evangelizing (hustling?!) Cinematic VR to investors, producers and even brands/agencies attending workshops and masterclasses.

The Secret to Insta-ROI through VR-OTT

If the next video (above), hasn’t already given away the secret, let me spell it out: Future Proofed Content. No, not the market-speak or the buzzword version of that phrase (next to the other aggravating one: Content is king)… but really, Future proofing your content if it’s created in 360 VR.

In points:

  • Cinematic VR content is backward compatible. Yes, you can extract a “flattie”. A so-called, Director’s cut in 2k resolution from a 360 or VR filmed piece.

This gives instant compatibility for playback on current OTT platforms and Television and Cinema (2k extract, remember?!)

  • Open up Screen real-estate… when you’re comfortable.

Here’s a thought: What is Barco Escape? What is Imax VR? The trend shows that vanilla cinema is not enough. A VR headset is indeed an imax strapped to an audience’s face.

“Would you rather watch House of Cards or Westworld on a 6inch phone screen… or in your own Virtual Imax?”

When your OTT platform is VR ready (Hulu and Netflix are), so will your content library be, and you can roll out the original VR version of the movie/video from which the “flattie” was extracted.

In Asia, one OTT platform has had foresight and is testing the waters – Hotstar. They already have a limited version of the Hotstar app on the Samsung GearVR platform. There is nothing, in my opinion, that should be delaying them from taking a leaf out of Netflix’s and Hulu’s page – displaying regular programming on a virtual Imax like screen.

That’s what I’ve been saying to some of the OTT platform owners, during consultations. In the Middle East, there is one Telco who’s toying with VR via their OTT app. It’s cleverly hidden as an easter-egg, for now!

Meanwhile, I’ll leave this thought here…

VR is not antisocial… You won’t wear a headset during family time or in a bar.. You’ll crave Social VR when you’re away from Family and Friends.