3D Location Previz Services

3D Location Previz Services

3D Location Previsualization Service:

With 3D movies gaining ground, there has been a spike in inquiries coming in for Stereographer and “3D pilot” shoots for movie projects. Every 2D movie from indie to tent-pole productions start off with location scouting, and previz.

In making a 3D movie, or even an AD film in 3D, this is now more important than ever before. Setting up a final 3D  rig on location, only to find out that certain framing would create un-desirable and excessive positive parallax in the scene is just one example where a prior previz shoot would be useful. With the emergence of self contained 3D cameras, from manufacturers such as Panasonic and soon Sony, this is now easier to do and operation of such hardware is as easy as point and shoot.

Yet, under the guidance of a Stereographer, other vital insights can be had on location, which can be in-valuable towards crafting a compelling Screenplay that leverages Stereoscopic 3D for moving picture storytelling.

Real Vision’s Previz and Stereographer Services:

Services, and some benefits of using Real Vision’s Stereographer and 3D Location Previz Services:

  • Create proof of concept and Pilot 3D capsules to show producers to secure funding and additional investment
  • Gain insight for Vfx sequences, Scene Framing and related cinematics
  • Experienced Stereographer who works with your DP, Director and Screen play writer *BEFORE* the movie goes into production.
  • View 3D dailies an hour later in full HD 3D.
  • 3D Location previz rig can be Tripod or Steadicam mounted with interaxial separation of 3inches to 4feet for vista shots.
  • Doing a previz shoot of the location from multiple angles, allows the Director to later get a feel of what would work best.

In the 3D video above (click here to see in youtube 3D) much time is saved before renting a boat with full movie crew and rigs and then looking at what kind of shots could be possible, the best interaxial distances to use, the resulting depth effect that would ensue, and much more.

Remote On-Location Previz in 3D:

For productions planning on shooting in the UAE (deserts, futuristic city-scapes, beaches), India (ancient heritage, urban realism, ethic diversity) or Singapore (Cityscapes, Tropical locations), Real Vision can carry out background research on the ideal location, shoot a previz capsule in full High Definition stereo 3d for production planning and feasibility studies.

The ability to “see” a location at a life like scale in a 3D equipped  preview cinema can be of immense value and save budgets for an overseas production house.

Contact Us for more info and a quotation for Stereographer & 3D  previz services for your next Movie or AD film.