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Augmented Reality
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April 7, 2016

Mixed Reality – AR , VR and Holograms for the Medical Industry


Mixed Reality – VR and AR visualization:

Suddenly, Holograms is the new buzz word when a little more than 3 years ago Augmented Reality was a marketing mantra. Last year, it was VR and now thanks to devices such as the ‘Hololens’ every industry wants to see if holograms can be used to some benefit.

While it takes a little getting used to, if holograms is the preferred term, so be it! We prefer calling it mixed reality – because really, it’s a person in the real world, interacting with computer generated visuals (augmented) over their field of view of the world, either aided by a camera – called Digital see-through [...]

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September 22, 2013

The Hollywood secret to Life Extension and Longevity.

Life Extension in Hollywood – An Actor’s longevity regimen:

The year is 2020 and your favorite 1980′s actor doesn’t look the way (s)he used to. Many iterations of cosmetic and then reconstructive surgery have now succumbed to gravity and the shortcomings of the biological substrate that is the human body. It is particularly hard for a superstar actor to come to terms with this. The combination of years of hard work to reach the top, the adoration of fans, wealth and ego are a hard mix to overcome. An actor’s career however is not over, should he or she choose the next milestone – Voice acting.

But, once someone tastes success in Hollywood…they [...]

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March 26, 2013

Google Glass: A ‘must-have’ Augmented Intelligence Driving aid?

I was reading about the proposed ban on Google Glass while driving. That got me thinking: If Google Glass were to use its camera to motion track the live video stream of “nodders” at the wheel in cars, it suddenly becomes a must have driving aid. I guess it won’t take complex AI to then either make a judgement call on alerting a) the driver, or b) in extreme cases, the authorities.

Although (b) brings a big brother scenario to mind, I’d rather live with it, than have an unsafe driver at the wheel. In a similar vein, the use of AI and AR is already in the hard science fiction novel: The Dirrogate: Memories with Maya. Your thoughts?…

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March 4, 2013

Memories With Maya – A Novel rooted in hard science and Augmented Intelligence

Memories With Maya is a novella that explores what Augmented Intelligence will bring to the world, society and personal relationships in particular.

The story is a first person narrative from the POV of Dan, the protagonist. The plot is heavily grounded in Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and touches on the subjects of Transhumanism and Posthumans. As this is a fiction narrative, focus is on personal relationships in a rapidly evolving technology driven world.

Memories With Maya – Back Cover Blurb:

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