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July 22, 2016

HTC Vive Tricks and Tips guide.

By Alex Mcil:

I purchased the HTC Vive when it first came out and absolutely loved it, it is by far one of the best purchases I have made. However, it is no secret that the Vive was rushed out of production and we all know that when things are rushed we end up with issues and many bugs. It was for this reason I ended up creating this guide because I knew the power that the HTC Vive had, but at the same time, I was concerned that all the bugs associated with it would give users a negative experience. In this guide you will find a whole host of troubleshooting suggestions which will allow you to tune up your Vive headset to its maximum [...]

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October 3, 2013

Future Talk 3D: Stereoscopic 3D in Education.

Unlocking the depth-channel:

The year 2013 ushered in 4K as the new buzz-word in visual displays and visual communication. But what of Stereoscopic 3D? Did it die yet again? – Far from it. What is not mentioned anymore is the fact that S3D has become a staple feature, and is a given.

S3D has reached ubiquitous status, much like internet connectivity in televisions (Smart-TV) has. There is a thriving eco-system in place as well, from 3D camcorders offering full HD per eye to cost effective 3D projectors. This scenario makes it perfect to segue S3D from Entertainment into an environment whose time has come – S3D in Education.

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September 17, 2013

Report 3 on 3D-QA released – Good Insights into S3D Film Production.

About the Report

The report presents detailed (305 pages) evaluation results of 5 S3D films, which were converted to S3D format in post-production.

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August 31, 2013

Digital Stereoscopy – Scene to Screen Production book

Digital Stereoscopy – The Book

Digital Stereoscopy is a 350-page bible of modern 3D technologies in which students, amateur moviemakers, and professional stereographers will find a clear description of all facets of the stereoscopic business as well as detailed information on the 3D-image production, distribution, and presentation workflow.

From browsing just the Table Of Contents (downloadable as a PDF), it shows the comprehensive list of topics covered in the field of stereoscopic production and post production. Of interest to professionals who are looking for more information when on-location during a shoot, chapter 3 is recommended.

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