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November 1, 2011

Stereoscopic 3D Quality Check (QC) and Supervisory Services from Real Vision.

3D Movie Supervisory Services from Real Vision:

With more media being produced in Stereoscopic 3D today, than ever before, there is a big demand for Stereoscopic Quality Control for these productions. Everything from 30 second AD films, to animation and Feature Films are now in Stereoscopic 3D.

But as we know, producing good S3D content is not a matter of owning the latest fail safe 3D rig, or having 3D signal analysis gear on-location. While technology is a major player in the “creative” process of 3D film making, years of experience in the medium allows us at Real Vision, to quickly flag S3D errors on-location and in post.

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May 17, 2011

Technicolor’s Guide to 3D… a Stereoscopic 3D Dictionary.

Technicolor’s Guide to 3D for Film, TV and Everything In-Between:

If you were one of the lucky few to visit Technicolor’s presence at the recent NAB, you may have had the privilege of owning this book, or more precisely the Dictionary on 3D, with details and explanations of standard, and newly coined terms that is now defining the language and grammar of stereoscopic 3D.

The author Richard Kroon of Hollywords LLC, has painstakingly put together this Bible on 3D, making it a valuable resource on every Stereographer or 3D movie makers work desk.

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November 12, 2010

Interactive Stereo3D Filmmaking course…the visual guide.

Interactive Stereo 3D movie making DVD course

It’s like having the Experts in your Living Room:

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing this package from the comfort of my living room. Playing back this DVD course from a home projector turned the living room wall into a portal…actually transforming the lesson from a laptop or TV based lecture, into one of instant full immersion! I see future home education and even technical training in stereoscopic 3D as the way forward.

The open french countryside used as the backdrop did in-fact set the “mood and scene” for what was to become an interesting evening lesson in [...]

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October 21, 2010

Stereoscopic 3D Masterclass Gallery

Real Vision Stereoscopic 3D masterclasses and workshops

Essential Reading: Think in 3D
VR Film Production?

SkyBox Studio for VR production

VR Filmmaking Masterclass
Think in 360 Masterclass
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