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Stereoscopic 3D
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August 26, 2014

Bringing Depth of Field back to Stereoscopic 3D Storytelling

Selective Focus or… the Circle of Isolation in 3D (click for larger)

Depth OF Field: A stereoscopic 3D taboo?

Is Depth of Field (DoF) a no no in Stereoscopic 3D movie making? Pretty much yes. You would want to have infinite DoF in a 3D movie, so as not to cause undue duress to audiences eyes and minds as they struggle to “fuse” out-of-focus imagery. Yet, DoF and RackFocus are staple in the Cinematographers and Directors toolkit when making movies, and have been for the past few generations. They work extremely well to direct the audiences’ attention to part of the visual frame, or to lock attention to an important prop or [...]

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May 7, 2013

John Rupkalvis – ‘JR’ and his contribution to the art of Stereoscopic Cinema

Re-introducing a Master Stereoscopic 3D Consultant:

JR needs no introduction… but on second thought, maybe he does. For one primary reason: So that studios, Directors and producers know where to look, should they need a best of breed S3D consultant for their project. I would go as far as to state that some of today’s Hollywood tent-pole Stereographers and Consultants would benefit immensely, should they be fortunate enough to be graced by a visit from him on a film set.

Yet JR is so down to earth. I’ve had the pleasure of learning much of the art from him without ever meeting in person. Our meetings were and still are on the Yahoo 3DTV forums, [...]

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May 5, 2013

Fishy 3D – Should a Stereographer swim against the 3D tide?

Handling a 2D mindset on a 3D production:

Today… I put my money where my mouth is…I walked out of a film set (the first time ever). Admittedly I was consulting at lower than my usual rate, so that helped me make up my mind. I’ve previously come down heavy on Stereographers for bending backward and compromising their craft;¬†My Spiderman review comes to mind.

So what should a stereographer do when faced with the nouveau 3D crowd? A Director or Cinematographer, or end client that does not like being told they aren’t thinking in 3D? The answer is not as simple as mine was, and I’ll be the first to recognize that every job exists to put [...]

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January 2, 2013

Cinematography and Gaming Convergence: Realtime Filmmaking is here.

Film/Game Convergence: The Future of Cinematography


‘Let there be light,’ said the Cgi-God, and there was light…and God Rays.

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