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August 19, 2012

How Smart 3DTV manufactures can help Fashion TV’s 3D broadcasts.

 Calling on LG, Sony, Panasonic and Samsung to Smarten up their Smart TVs for “Hybrid” Broadcasting:

Everyone should applaud Fashion TV for pioneering and embracing Stereoscopic 3D in their mainstream programming. For those not in the know (and I only came to know about it a few days ago), FTV has a half hour block of its programming in Stereoscopic 3D. They use the default Frame Compatible 3D format so as to maintain compatibility with today’s HD broadcast signal.

What this means is, that if viewers do NOT have a 3DTV, they will have to watch this segment  with the left and right, i.e: the 3D image, showing as two halves of an HD image. This [...]

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October 24, 2011

Embed Live Stereoscopic 3DTV content in a 2D signal.

Click image for larger version

Following on to the recent article on how to Embed a Stereoscopic 3D content snippet into a 2D programme using functions of today’s Smart TVs, let’s take it a step further for the many premium TV channels that are available in HD.

Most people with 3DTV sets will already have modern LCD/LED/Plasma TVs that are connected to the internet or the so-called “Smart TVs”. To take the experience of augmenting Live entertainment programmes such as sports, Awards shows, Fashion shows and Concerts in Stereoscopic 3D, below is a case scenario of how the entire programme does not need to be shot or produced in [...]

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October 23, 2011

3D in measured dosage = 3DTV success

**update** Embed a Live 3DTV signal into a 2D Tv programme? read :here:

3DTV : Where is the Content?

This was the topic of my talk recently at the MediaLive! Conference in AbuDhabi. The biggest stumbling block to 3DTV taking off  is that 3DTV is being equated to the old linear model of Broadcast Television, where a whole block of content programming was needed to justify investments in the platform.

3DTV manufacturers need to “Think in 3D”:

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February 22, 2011

The News in stereoscopic 3D, will it affect us emotionally?

Stereoscopic 3D Simulators – alternative reality

Alternative Reality, and 3D TV:

If there’s any doubt about the psychological impact that a Stereoscopic 3D scene is capable of on people’s minds, look no further than the military. Why does the military spend millions on state of the art Stereoscopic 3D visualization and display systems? The answer is simple – A Simulation of a real life scenario is the next best thing to actually being there.

The image above is not about training soldiers to kill more effectively, it is CAREN, a system built to help soldiers deal with PTSD, and other associated mental and [...]

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