RealVision’s work in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Stereo 3D.

RealVision’s “Think in 360” at Google Dubai.

Clyde DeSouza was invited by Google MENA to conduct a customized “Think in 360” session for Google’s agency partners as part of Google’s All Star Academy program. Over 40 of the MiddleEast’s top Creative heads, CEO’s and Account managers were present and learned how VR (Cinematic and Interactive) can bring a brand closer to audiences.

The session comprised a 101 on VR production, and unique insights into the use of VR and AR that keep “Think in 360” masterclasses in high demand.

ActivoBank: A “Virtual Bank” for McKinsey & Co.

RealVision was commissioned to produce a stereoscopic 3D film that would document a branch of ActivoBank, Portugal and “transport” the branch all the way to India for a prestigious event for the Banking Industry.

Short of flying delegates down to Portugal, the next best solution was a virtual recreation of the Bank. The Governor of the Reserve Bank of India was one of the high profile guests who donned a pair of 3D glasses and was ‘teleported’ to ActivoBank in 3D during the course of the 6 minute experience.

Dirrogate: A Cinematic VR film:

Dirrogate: The VR film was created in early 2015 when 360 cameras and editing tools were not available, much less for stereoscopic 360 VR production. Each scene was hand created and tested by exporting scenes to the GearVR when doing stereoscopic compositing.

Dirrogate has been invited by Samsung to feature on their SamsungVR platform, and as of Aug 1st 2016, is the only indie film to feature alongside VR films from AAA studios such as Disnety, Fox Interactive and Warner Bros.

The hi-rez version in Stereoscopic VR for the Samsung GearVR. Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift, can be purchased from GumRoad or seen online at Vrideo

Current work in progress is Dirrogate:DeepVR, the interactive version. (Some scenes depicted above)

Stereoscopic 3D film for LG LIFE – Seoul, Korea:

RealVision was commissioned to shoot in stereoscopic 3D, the LG Life facility in Seoul, Korea. The film is a tour in stereo 3D of the plant facility and creates a first person immersive tour of the building. Due to the sensitivity of some of the rooms in the facility, still images can’t be posted on this gallery.

Think in 3D Workshop: At Panasonic R&D Labs, Singapore

A few images from the closed doors “Think in 3D” advanced workshop for Engineers and high profile personnel of Panasonic’s R&D Lab, Singapore. Panasonic personnel from Japan were present during the workshop. Contents of the advanced workshop were classified.

Books On Stereoscopic 3D Movie Making featuring Clyde DeSouza, Real Vision FZ LLC:

Below is a sampling of some international books on Stereoscopic 3D movie making, featuring Real Vision.

Books in English, French and German feature some of the work and original contribution to the art of stereoscopic 3D film making by Clyde DeSouza of Real Vision. Clyde has coined terms such as “Circle of Isolation”, Depth Warping and is featured in the limited edition print only run of Technicolor’s 3D Dictionary.

Most books are available on Amazon and i-book store. We would like to thank the authors for featuring work by Real Vision in their books.

(All images and book snapshots are copyright of their respective authors and publishing houses, and used for promotional purpose only)

Real Vision’s latest project: The 3D Lab at twofour54:

RealVision is consultant to twofour54 and was appointed to help create the region’s first Stereoscopic 3D Lab. The 3D Lab aims to foster best practices in stereoscopic 3d production and is a collaborative environment for the different divisions of twofour54 to come together and contribute to the evolution of stereoscopic 3D as a new medium of visual communication.

Hardware and Software manufacturers as well as the media industry has shown keen interest in the 3D Lab activities, with word spreading around the region that the 3D Lab will be a hub for S3D exploration. Browse the gallery and captions below

Virtual Reality and Serious Games Projects:

Some of Real Vision’s projects in Virtual Reality and Serious Games. Projects include a whole real world location re-creation (A whole valley upto 10 meter resolution, with Dam and nature trails- Lavasa, India), Desalination Plant Orientation tour in Virtual Reality, Oil and Gas emergency shutdown simulation training… and others.

3D Experiential Marketing: Lavasa Hill City, India : Experience Room:

A selection of snapshots on Previz and final stereoscopic capture of nature at Lavasa, India’s largest Biodiversity city. The project was to bring a 4D experience (Synchronized low lying fog to simulate clouds in the valley floating into villas on the hillside, Surround sounds of living in nature, and the 4 distinct seasons of the Lavasa valley). The 4D film plays out in the sales center for the Lavasa project for clients.

Middle East’s First 3D Music Video – Artiste: Najwa Karam (Rotana):

RealVision was appointed as Stereoscopic 3D QC (quality controller) for the project. The job entails monitoring and offering advice to the independent stereo crew at the shoot, ensuring best practices in use of stereo3D depth budget, flagging technical errors in the 3D material and offering advice on location and in post production.

ADPD (Abu Dhabi Police Dept) 3D Film – “Upgrade your Driving”

RealVision was contracted for Stereographer services on location and in post production on the ADPD 3D short film. The challenge was to create a depth budget and implement a depth script that would take a variety of end display screen sizes into account from 3DTV to tradeshow projection screens and for 3D Cinema.

The short film was shot exclusively on the Panasonic AG3D A1, some of the challenges being to overcome the fixed interaxial of the camera.

click on images for details

“Think in 3D” – at Sony Technology Open Day – Dubai, UAE.

RealVision, under Sony Professional Solutions MiddleEast conducted day long seminars and workshops on Stereoscopic 3D awareness and showed advanced features of Sony’s 3D capabilities, including hands on audience participation in handling a PS TEchnik Freestyle rig with Sony EX3 cameras, principles and live operation of the Sony MPE-200 node addressable real-time stereoscopic 3D processor, and display on Sony professional passive 3D monitors.

Audience included Broadcast TV system integrators, TV Engineers, and independent film Producers from the MiddleEast and vistors from North Africa.

click on images for details

“Think in 3D” – Singapore Media Academy …3 day intensive Masterclass during the Asia Television Forum in Singapore:

This 3 day masterclass was conducted at Singapore Media Academy (SMA) during the on-going ATF (Asia TV forum) in Singapore between 6th – 8th December 2010. The workshop was a sold out event, and was well attended by professionals such as independent movie-makers, Producers from the larger media companies, VFX artists and Animators. Click on images to view larger images and read captions.

Think in 3D – Masterclass for Reliance Media Works:

A RealVision conducted private workshop in association with Reliance Media Works, toward scaling in-house knowledge of the team for Stereoscopic 3D production across their many departments, including Preproduction, On-location production, VFX and post-production.  Reliance Media Works is an organization that “thinks in 3D”.

This 3 day intensive workshop is truly what Masterclasses in stereoscopic 3D can be Images above.

Stereoscopic 3D Workshop at Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore:

RealVision would like to thank Mr. Jacques Frety, for initiating the two successful S3D workshops for students at the SIDM (School of Interactive Media and Design).

The week long workshop in stereoscopic 3D was primarily focussed on S3D animation, but also provided a thorough foundation to the students to “think in 3D” and covered advanced topics such as differences between beamsplitter 3d camera rigs, shooting on location with side by side 3D rigs, framing, correcting of rig errors, I/A adjustments using HIT and re-shaping of 3D volume. The workshop then went into much more detail on stereoscopic 3D match-moving, green screen in 3D and finally the role of a stereographer.

This workshop hopefully contributes to the next generation of Singapore Media talent, and prepares the students for internships with companies looking at producing stereoscopic 3D material in Asia.

Stereo3D in Arabia with the Panasonic AG-3DA1:

RealVision was called in to offer stereographer services on location for 80% of an upcoming showreel that was shown at the Circle Conference in AbuDhabi recently. The only part we missed due to a clash of dates was the shoot at the Formula One track.

Much was learned by all, about the capabilities of the robust Panasonic 3D camera the AG-3DA1. Other advice offered by Realvision, was a crash course to the production team on Stereo 3D best practices.