Stereo 3D Training

Stereo 3D Training for Movie Directors and DoPs

Stereo 3D Training for Movie Directors and DoPs

Stereoscopic 3D Training Workshops:

Many 3D workshops, concentrate on a single aspect of stereoscopic 3D … mainly, shooting in 3D and choice of camera Rig or commercial equipment. This is because most instructors are fresh graduates to Stereoscopy themselves, delving into 3D  due to demands of Hollywood today.

Real Vision Stereo 3D workshops encourage participants to “THINK” in 3D and are equipment and hardware / software agnostic . The consequences of not thinking, scripting, storyboarding and doing camera blocking or graphic design in 3D, is evident in some of today’s 3D movies.

Too many of the existing courses are more “upgrades” for technicians and cinematographers on how to use the latest Gear, and there is less focus on the visual grammar of storytelling in stereoscopic 3D.

Our expertise on the wide range of Topics taught in the Stereoscopic 3D workshop is evident from the Articles on this site. We are also pleased to note that Stereoscopic 3D instructors and course designers themselves, frequent the Real Vision Knowledge base and take inspiration from it.

The “Think in 3D” workshops are spread over 2 or 3 days and comprise the basics of stereoscopic 3D, and then go into much detail with hands-on practicals that allow for setting up a 3D Camera Rig, video demonstrations, interspersed with lectures and sessions on Questions and Answers. Question & Answer sessions at many times fail to elicit audience participation – These sessions are done differently.

The lecturer will initiate common Questions drawn from years of experience in Stereoscopic 3D. There are always questions on participants minds, but never asked. At the end of the Workshop – we aim to have a workforce of Media professionals, Directors, DPs, Editors and DI artists that will carry their knowledge of stereoscopic 3D back to their organizations and propagate the knowledge to their peers to create content in Stereo 3D.

“At all times, the workshop aims to reduce Complex Theory and focus on interactive discourse and a practical hands-on approach to learning 3D. The workshop is suitable for participants with NO previous knowledge of Stereoscopic 3D. Animation software and video editing software know-how is an advantage, but NOT necessary… After all, Stereo 3d is part Science and part Art!”

Real Vision Stereo 3D Training - More than Theory

Real Vision Stereo 3D Training – More than Theory


Below is a non-exhaustive overview of topics…

· History of Stereoscopic 3D – The old days, Leonardo’s drawings, Lumiere Brothers

· Binocular Vision and Stereopsis – How is a 3D image formed in our brain

Thinking in 3D:

· The need for thinking in 3D – Why some 2D film school concepts are now ir-relevant e.g Rack-focus, or need to be re-evaluated; Depth of field for instance.

· What is a Stereographer? When does he/she come into the picture?

· Depth Script? – what is it and why is it needed?

· Pre-Visualizing and Camera Blocking for 3D shoot using 3D previs software.

· Camera and Scene blocking – OTS, Dirty Over, Montage v/s Keyframing , exploring mise-en-scene in 3D

The 3D Camera Rig and Shooting 3D footage:

· Side by Side versus Beam Splitter Rig – Advantages and Dis advantages

· Assembling your own Parallel 3D Camera Rig – Building a Previz 3D rig (Practical)

· Going outdoors and shooting some Footage in 3D (Practical)

· The importance of Sync – Genlock why? And How.

· Monitoring live 3D Footage – Learn about live 3D preview (Hands-on)

Other Main Topics include:

Post Production in Stereoscopic 3D, 3D Hardware and Software tools for the Studio, Motion Graphics and Animation in Stereo 3D, 2D to 3D Conversions– Limitations, and best practices,

Food for Thought and advanced thinking:

Some Tricks and Tips for Good 3D

Real Vision’s Stereo 3D Training workshops are based on over 15 years of experience in Stereoscopic 3D, much before the current wave of Hollywood 3D came about. The course encourages more advanced thinking and looks into areas such as Hybrid Stereoscopic 3D movie-making and more.

Workshop Training ; Costs and Location:

Workshops are currently undertaken in the UAE, Singapore and India at client’s premises.

A typical day long intensive 3D workshop starts at US$ 2000/-

Air Travel and accommodation is extra and paid for by the client.

Gear and Software Included in the cost include:

  • Side by side 3D camera Rig
  • Mobile Edit Workstation and preview
  • Software, videos and training material
  • The Foundry (NUKE)
  • Cineform (NEO3D)
  • Frame Forge 3D (previsualization and stereo 3D storyboarding)
  • Revision Effects (used in the RealFlex 3D volume shaping tutorial)

Real Vision thanks these leading Software Companies who are pioneering Stereoscopic 3D production for their support in helping us show the above software modules.

Meanwhile, if you hate reading and prefer pictures instead, here’s a pictorial review of Real Vision’s “Think in 3D” workshops done in Singapore, India and AbuDhabi.

For customized Workshop course, rates and for other countries, contact to discuss.