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September 4, 2014

Second Screen VR content in Broadcast Television


Samsung’s Gear VR – The Perfect “Second Screen” to Broadcast TV?

The announcement of Samsung’s Gear VR  opens up a whole new avenue that even Samsung may not have thought of yet – It’s a perfect second-screen for Broadcast Television and an OTT (over the top) content distribution platform. We aren’t talking on-demand OTT here, no! this device might be the perfect companion to ‘expand’ the TV canvas into a full 360 experience.

Typical scenarios could include:

The News in 360 
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June 27, 2013

Foxed! 3D Stop motion movie releasing

Visit the Foxed! Website for the trailer of this Stop-Motion 3D film.

The Story Line:

Here is the storyline for the Film: Emily has been Foxed! in this 3D stop-motion tale of fighting for what you believe in. Filmed in stunning 3D, director James Stewart crafts a humorous tale about growing up in an environment of parental control and how children are often mis-portrayed in the eyes of their parents.

In this tale of fighting for what she believes in, Emily is up against the sinister forces of foxes. FOXED! has been enthusiastically received at international film festivals in Stuttgart, San Francisco, Annecy, and Sarasota, FOXED! is a darkly humorous tale about growing [...]

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June 3, 2013

The MSU Stereoscopic 3D Film Analysis Tech Report

MSU – Stereoscopic 3D Film Analysis Report for Industry Professionals:

The VQMT3D (Video Quality Measurement Tool 3D) project was created to improve stereoscopic films. The aim is to help filmmakers produce high-quality 3D video by finding inexpensive ways of automatically enhancing film quality.

The second report is now out and is FREE for download to Industry Professionals only.

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May 29, 2013

I say…the 3D was a bit sucky, Old Sport – Great Gatsby review

The Great Gatsby – Stereoscopic 3D Review:

I’ve not been reviewing stereoscopic 3D movies recently, as really, there was no need to. All the movies seem to follow a formula: Shoot 2D for 3D, and convert in post. Now while I’ve acknowledged (with caveats) that conversion has gotten better in the past 2 years… I still maintain that conversion is best suited for action scenes where everything’s moving too fast to matter anyway, or for stunt shots where budgets won’t permit multiple 3D rigs or the shot itself would be too expensive to risk 3D in the hands of the in-experienced.

So why did I go see the Great Gatsby in 3D? – I [...]

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