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August 18, 2014

The News in Virtual Reality, will it affect us emotionally?

It takes spirit to get things moving, and there is no doubt about it, that when it comes to bringing a dream alive, the risk takers, those with true entrepreneurial and innovation spirit running in them – where ROI isn’t the sole motivation… those people and organizations are sadly, located thousands of miles from where I am.

Reading about NYTVR, is nothing short of euphoric. They are bringing the world – the real world- closer to all of us through Virtual Reality. But, the NEWS in Virtual Reality… will it affect us emotionally?

Stereoscopic 3D Simulators – alternative reality

Alternative Reality, and [...]

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January 2, 2013

Cinematography and Gaming Convergence: Realtime Filmmaking is here.

Film/Game Convergence: The Future of Cinematography


‘Let there be light,’ said the Cgi-God, and there was light…and God Rays.

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June 11, 2012

Prometheus in 3D: Go see it!

Three word review for Promethues: GO SEE IT!

That’s my recommendation on the stereoscopic 3D aspect of this film. I could be critical and say that it had virtually flawless Stereoscopy, but I’d be lying. The harmony of great Cinematography, Stereoscopy, Acting, VFX and last but not least… Direction makes this a movie that sets the bar up again for what Stereoscopic 3D in Films should be about.

This is an ACTION movie for crying out loud… and it is done well in Stereoscopic 3D. Where other action movies in 3D have failed miserably, this one shows how to do it right!

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March 8, 2012

John Carter: “Uncanny Valley” in 3D

2D to 3D conversion’s Uncanny Valley:

No we are not talking about Princess Dejah’s 2d to 3d converted cleavage here…so what is the “Uncanny Valley“? Wikipedia does a good job of describing it.

I went to see John Carter at the local IMAX today. Stereoscopic 3D being an interest of mine, I can’t do a movie any justice as a normal lay-man would, i.e watch from a pure entertainment point of view. Yes there will be a bias, as I pay more attention to the stereoscopy in the movie. But this never happened in Hugo. I had to watch Hugo twice, because I got drawn into the movie in the first sitting.

Essential Reading: Think in 3D
VR Film Production?

SkyBox Studio for VR production

VR Filmmaking Masterclass
Think in 360 Masterclass
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