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August 15, 2014

360 Virtual Reality Filmmaking and Motivated Camera moves.

3D movies, Motivated Camera movement

Respecting the Spatiality of a scene in Virtual Reality:

When Directors and Cinematographers start responding to Facebook’s call to Hollywood for Immersive 360 movies, one important aspect could get overlooked by film makers.

Decades of 2D movie making experience of creating depth in a scene via lighting, lens effects, and framing, will need to be un-learned. In 2D it’s easy to “cheat” depth.

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December 18, 2012

High Frame Rate Storytelling in 3D – The Hobbit review

The Hobbit in HFR stereoscopic 3D:

At first I thought Hobbits were swift on their feet. After all, I’ve not followed the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. My exposure to Gandalf and Frodo were back in the day, playing the graphical adventure game on the Amiga.

I’m not sure if Hobbits are fast on their feet, but that was the impression the opening minutes of the movie had on me. Later on as the movie progressed, this strange Hobbit quirk didn’t surface. I link this phenomenon has something to do with HFR 3D. I¬†hypothesized a few¬†reasons that I experienced this speed-up and slow-down of actor movement:

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November 19, 2012

Advanced Cinematic Masterclass in 3D Film-making

Film Festivals are evolving for the better:

It is very encouraging to see Film Festivals in Asia and the MiddleEast evolve into mature collaborative environments for the film fraternity, rather than just hot-spots for Celebrity spotting. The previous trend at regional film festivals was to boast bagging rights to strut a big name Hollywood star on the red-carpet.

AbuDhabi Film Festival 2012, broke this mould by offering a series of workshops, free of cost, to regional film makers and students of media and film institutions.

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July 29, 2012

The illiterate 3D Auteur Theory

The statement above is true, as long as the Auteur is of the caliber of Hitchcock, the Old Masters, and of course a few 3D Auteurs who have earned this title; Cameron, Ridley Scott and Martin Scorsese.

What Stanley Kubrick did not take into account was of course the schooling that is needed to be 3D literate before graduating to “Auteur” status in stereoscopic film making.

What is Auteur Theory?

Essential Reading: Think in 3D
VR Film Production?

SkyBox Studio for VR production

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Think in 360 Masterclass
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