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July 14, 2016

5 things Marketing and AD Agencies need to know about Virtual and Mixed Reality

1: Sell to an already captive audience

Visit any trade show these days and you will see the obligatory VR headset or three, at every stand. This is especially evident at tourism and real estate events. It’s good to see the timely latching onto VR by these industries, and besides being a crowd puller, VR does serve a real purpose. It purports (we’ll see why the use of that word, in a bit) to transport people to far away lands in a way no other visual communication medium preceding it, ever could. After all, through VR, you are bringing the destination to the customer right there at the trade show – helping them sign on the dotted line to experience [...]

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February 1, 2012

Future Proofing your Media Career: How 3D can save you

Why Stereoscopic 3D is important to your Media Career:

Unless you’ve been living in a media cocoon for the past 3 years, chances are you will have noticed that “3D” is rapidly becoming a household name (as it was in the 50s and 80’s).

The difference is, that this time around, Technology has become better and more affordable to make it a widespread reality. There is no denying that the primary motivation for pushing 3D is business! Business for the Cinemas, business for TV manufacturers and Business for the whole Professional and Consumer electronics eco-system (Cameras, 3D gaming consoles, Homevideos, cell phones).

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October 23, 2011

3D in measured dosage = 3DTV success

**update** Embed a Live 3DTV signal into a 2D Tv programme? read :here:

3DTV : Where is the Content?

This was the topic of my talk recently at the MediaLive! Conference in AbuDhabi. The biggest stumbling block to 3DTV taking off  is that 3DTV is being equated to the old linear model of Broadcast Television, where a whole block of content programming was needed to justify investments in the platform.

3DTV manufacturers need to “Think in 3D”:

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May 29, 2011

Why Ad Agencies and Brands need to know Stereoscopic 3D…part 2

(image screengrab and credit:

Advertising and Marketing Departments need to know good Stereoscopic 3D:

In a previous article we had addressed the subject of why an AD Agencie’s creative department needs to know a thing or two about stereoscopic 3D. After all they are responsible for approaching production houses and other freelance professionals (ad film makers and photographers) to produce stereoscopic 3D commercials or short films that directly or indirectly promote a brand.

Recently I came across another “branded” stereoscopic 3d video that is said to have been shot with Canon 5D cameras. Now this did ring [...]

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