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June 27, 2011

RockCandy 3D – Stereoscopic 3D Stock Clips

Enhanced Dimensions launches RockCandy 3D, a collection of more than 40 stereoscopic, royalty free, music themed 3D animations including editable Stereo 3D Title Plates, exclusive tutorials and an associated collection of royalty free stock media assets.


RockCandy 3D VJ Edition – 35 animations supplied on DVD-ROM as 2D and 3D Anaglyph 720p formats licensed for live entertainment use

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September 14, 2010

Stereoscopic 3D in Experiential Marketing – Seminar Talk

Stereoscopic 3D experiential Marketing – Casestudy

Click on the image to download a PDF of a talk done in Singapore at the Egg Story Digital Arts Stereoscopic 3D seminar. Three case studies were discussed with interactive examples shown on using real-time stereoscopic 3D content for experiential marketing, advertising and entertainment. The PDF contains an overview of the talk.

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August 14, 2010

Why AD agencies need to understand Stereoscopic 3D

Adverts in 3D: proceed with caution

Are Ad Agencies 3D enabled?

When I’m speaking at seminars, I usually start off with topics that are of generic interest to everyone, when it comes to the “3D Revolution Revival”. One favorite topic goes like this… “Don’t AD Agency execs go to the movies? …if the do they must surely have noticed 200 pairs of ‘captive eyeballs’ sitting in their seats, 3D glasses on the ready… and the ADs all play in… Glorious 2D!”

What a waste of the 3rd dimension! The Ad world seems to have missed this boat. While they were busy getting fascinated and [...]

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June 10, 2010

Watch the FIFA WorldCup in 3D on DU and Etisalat without a 3DTV!

Watch Du 3D and Etisalat 3DTV without a 3DTV set

3D TV comes to the MiddleEast:

2 weeks before the start of the FIFA WorldCup, people in AbuDhabi, Dubai and the rest of the UAE were pleasantly surprised by an announcement by the two Telecoms and Cable TV operators DU and Etisalat, that a 3D TV channel had been launched. Soccer has a major following in the region, and the FIFA World Cup will feature up to 25 matches shot and broadcast in 3D. The launch of 3D TVs by almost all major television manufacturers such as Samsung, Panasonic and Sony is perfect timing for a 3D TV channel.

DU already has channel #699 relaying a 3D TV feed from [...]

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SkyBox Studio for VR production

VR Filmmaking Masterclass
Think in 360 Masterclass
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