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May 20, 2017

Monetizing VR through OTT – ROI with VR

Below is the deck used during a masterclass on monetizing VR over Digital and OTT platforms at the recent OTTVsummit in Mumbai, India.

Click to download. (approx 6.5mb)

Picture from the OttvSummit 2017

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September 4, 2014

Second Screen VR content in Broadcast Television


Samsung’s Gear VR – The Perfect “Second Screen” to Broadcast TV?

The announcement of Samsung’s Gear VR  opens up a whole new avenue that even Samsung may not have thought of yet – It’s a perfect second-screen for Broadcast Television and an OTT (over the top) content distribution platform. We aren’t talking on-demand OTT here, no! this device might be the perfect companion to ‘expand’ the TV canvas into a full 360 experience.

Typical scenarios could include:

The News in 360 
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February 20, 2013

Broadcast TV, OTT, 3DTV and Transmedia; hype or innovation in the Middle East?…A panel discussion

Recently, I had the privilege of hosting and moderating a panel of industry experts on the topic of Identifying  Technology from Hype, at the ITP Broadcast Conference 2013. The panelists brought with them a diverse area of expertise and knowledge in the fields of IPTV, network setup, Content creation and Monetization options.

I had prepared a list of questions which were fielded by the panelists. Some questions could not be asked due to time constraints. Below is a sampler:

Are companies encouraging and rewarding Employees to innovate? If yes, name some schemes and case studies. Targeted advertising: Is it being done in the region? Addressable advertising by [...]
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September 8, 2011

Stereoscopic 3D OTT opportunities for 3DTV manufacturers

OTT: a new business opportunity for 3DTV Manufacturers

Over The Top (OTT), is one of the new emerging “widecast” services that is gaining prominence as more and more households get Broadband internet enabled. Currently other trends are DTT (Digital Terrrestial Television), IPTV (Internet protocol TV). But OTT is the most intriguing in that it allows for the distribution and consumption of video content over the internet.

In essence, with today’s Smart TVs, i.e Flat panel TVs (mostly), that have built in LAN or wifi connectors on the back, it is possible to stream content from internet video sites such as Youtube and others, via [...]

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