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March 26, 2013

Google Glass: A ‘must-have’ Augmented Intelligence Driving aid?

I was reading about the proposed ban on Google Glass while driving. That got me thinking: If Google Glass were to use its camera to motion track the live video stream of “nodders” at the wheel in cars, it suddenly becomes a must have driving aid. I guess it won’t take complex AI to then either make a judgement call on alerting a) the driver, or b) in extreme cases, the authorities.

Although (b) brings a big brother scenario to mind, I’d rather live with it, than have an unsafe driver at the wheel. In a similar vein, the use of AI and AR is already in the hard science fiction novel: The Dirrogate: Memories with Maya. Your thoughts?…

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January 2, 2013

Cinematography and Gaming Convergence: Realtime Filmmaking is here.

Film/Game Convergence: The Future of Cinematography


‘Let there be light,’ said the Cgi-God, and there was light…and God Rays.

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February 10, 2010

Will History disappear, if we can “see” the past?

Augmented Reality, let’s us relive History

What if we could harness Technology, to educate and stimulate the younger generation to value and cherish tradition but in a non text book manner, and thus impart education to them with help from the same devices that they seem hooked onto. In effect, hijack these devices in an interesting way, so as to break into a students “Digital Personal Space” which they are not so keen to give up that easily. – This is the key to the future of education – Taking History outdoors and bringing History to the present.

(the old Berlin wall, and the site as it stands today)

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January 20, 2010

Will Google create a Surrogate Reality world?

Surrogate Reality:

In the movie Surrogates, we were presented with a look at something that is not too far fetched even today. The idea that we can (will?) have our own Avatar in the form of a robot, that will represent us in the real world and possibly conduct all our social interactions is not far fetched! The video above shows us the technology is already here today. It just needs to be fine tuned, perfected and made cost effective. Price is not an issue for someone who may need such assistance, or “life augmentation”.

Having our own Surrogates, even in a “phase 1” stage where they are not human like, but just motorized robots with a [...]

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