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August 26, 2014

Bringing Depth of Field back to Stereoscopic 3D Storytelling

Selective Focus or… the Circle of Isolation in 3D (click for larger)

Depth OF Field: A stereoscopic 3D taboo?

Is Depth of Field (DoF) a no no in Stereoscopic 3D movie making? Pretty much yes. You would want to have infinite DoF in a 3D movie, so as not to cause undue duress to audiences eyes and minds as they struggle to “fuse” out-of-focus imagery. Yet, DoF and RackFocus are staple in the Cinematographers and Directors toolkit when making movies, and have been for the past few generations. They work extremely well to direct the audiences’ attention to part of the visual frame, or to lock attention to an important prop or [...]

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May 29, 2013

I say…the 3D was a bit sucky, Old Sport – Great Gatsby review

The Great Gatsby – Stereoscopic 3D Review:

I’ve not been reviewing stereoscopic 3D movies recently, as really, there was no need to. All the movies seem to follow a formula: Shoot 2D for 3D, and convert in post. Now while I’ve acknowledged (with caveats) that conversion has gotten better in the past 2 years… I still maintain that conversion is best suited for action scenes where everything’s moving too fast to matter anyway, or for stunt shots where budgets won’t permit multiple 3D rigs or the shot itself would be too expensive to risk 3D in the hands of the in-experienced.

So why did I go see the Great Gatsby in 3D? – I [...]

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November 19, 2012

Advanced Cinematic Masterclass in 3D Film-making

Film Festivals are evolving for the better:

It is very encouraging to see Film Festivals in Asia and the MiddleEast evolve into mature collaborative environments for the film fraternity, rather than just hot-spots for Celebrity spotting. The previous trend at regional film festivals was to boast bagging rights to strut a big name Hollywood star on the red-carpet.

AbuDhabi Film Festival 2012, broke this mould by offering a series of workshops, free of cost, to regional film makers and students of media and film institutions.

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October 21, 2012

Frankenweenie review: The mechanics of Stop motion in Stereoscopic 3D

(image credit: Disney)

Stop Motion Cinematography and Stereoscopic 3D:

I was asked by a student film-maker at my recent 3D production master-class during the AbuDhabi Film Festival, what I thought about Stop motion in 3D and Frankenweenie. As I’ve not seen any previous Burton Stop-motion film from start to finish (yes shame on me), I decided to see the movie today at the local Imax in Dubai.

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