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January 2, 2013

Cinematography and Gaming Convergence: Realtime Filmmaking is here.

Film/Game Convergence: The Future of Cinematography


‘Let there be light,’ said the Cgi-God, and there was light…and God Rays.

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April 24, 2012

A Stereoscopic 3D Video Village with Sony’s HMZ-T1 Visor on Film Sets

Personal 3D preview for Film Crews from Sony?

How many of us in 3D film-making can identify with this familiar scenario: A 46 inch 3D monitor on-location at a film set, with the Director and DP peering a few feet away, while behind them crew members try to block out excessive glare on the screen, and sometimes even fighting the heat (not all movies are shot on cool 21 degree celcius days).

Help is at hand from a gadget that is primarily aimed at the consumer market.

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January 2, 2012

Hugo: Deep Staging and Keyframing comes to 3D movies

Key Framing v/s Montage Cinematography in 3D:

Hugo the movie, is a case study in how stereoscopic 3D can and should be used as a new medium of visual storytelling. I finally got a chance to see the movie, here in Dubai a few weeks later than its release date.

I went in, knowing it was going to be a good experience, but bias aside, it did not let me down. It can be comfortably stated that the premium paid for a 3d movie is well justified only in Avatar, Hugo,  HTTYD, Tron and Pirates IV. (in that particular order).

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November 21, 2011

Laser scanning and Digital Assets in your next 3D movie

(click for larger)

Digital Replicas of the Real World in Stereoscopic 3D:

Laser scanning is not new, and for that matter, neither is stereoscopic 3D. It’s been the domain of Oil and Gas exploration, data visualization, Geological and other surveys and in Medicine for a long time. But it’s time to shine has only recently come with price of hardware and technology in general becoming more accessible and affordable to everyone.

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